Role Player

Chris is a participant in the Simulated Patient programs of both Bond University and the University of Queensland. These programs are used in students’ yearly exams and assessments in all areas of general practice, physiotherapy, cardio-vascular and neurology, psychiatry, speech pathology and more. Simulated Patients behave as real patients might in a given situation. Students are given the opportunity to practice their inter-personal communication and clinical skills in a hospital setting.

The Simulated Patient is one of a supportive group of colleagues, flexible educational aids trained to present a patient history and sometimes to simulate a patient’s symptoms. The level of complexity of a case can be adjusted to meet the needs of the student.

Simulated Patients (sometimes referred to as ‘standardised patients’) are employed across all levels of medical training. Standardisation is key and so the Simulated Patient strives to ensure that each successive student will be challenged by the same presenting problem. Simulated Patients are frequently called upon to provide constructive and reliable feedback regarding a student’s professional manner and interpersonal skills.


Men’s Health Teaching Associate Program


In 2009, Chris joined the University of Queensland School of Medicine Men’s Health Teaching Associate Program (MHTA). This pioneering program is an Australian first in which a team of men, led by a core group of experienced Simulated Patients, conduct and teach students safe and effective examination procedures.



CY 2026

Many Brisbane kids, their parents, teachers and municipal council staff remember the cheeky recycling bin character CY 2026.

Chris was the actor playing Brisbane City Council's Waste Services recycling mascot who, from 2006 to 2010, served as a fun educator on good recycling practices through his attendance at the EKKA, Council Green Day events, City Smart functions, school visits and Christmas in the Mall media events.