Publicity and PR

Chris creates compelling, newsworthy articles and media releases that drive community and mainstream media interest in his clients’ events and brands. He continually engages with different sectors of the media chain as journalist, publicist, videographer, arts-worker and social media practitioner. He has had┬áhundreds of articles published in print, online lifestyle magazines and industry journals.


Arts Worker/Role Play

A versatile singer and music theatre artist who has mastered a broad spectrum of musical genres. He has acted in TV, film and for the past decade has been an active role-player in case-based typed learning and skills development for medical students and legal professionals.


Chris’s writing output includes arts and entertainment, architecture, celebrity interviews, business profiles, industry leaders, real estate, healthcare and travel. His editorial style is quick-witted, insightful and yet, poetic. Chris instills creative storytelling elements and stylish economy in his writing.