Role Play & Corporate Training

Participant in the Simulated Patient programs of University of Queensland, Australian Catholic University, Bond University, Queensland Health and Family Planning Queensland

These programs are used in students’ yearly exams and assessments in all areas of general practice, physiotherapy, cardio-vascular and neurology, psychiatry, speech pathology and more. Simulated Patients behave as real patients might in a given situation. Students are given the opportunity to practice their inter-personal communication and clinical skills in a hospital setting

simulated patient

Simulated Patients are frequently called upon to provide constructive and reliable feedback regarding a student’s professional manner and interpersonal skills

simulated patient


Men’s Health Teaching Associate Program

Since 2010, a participant in the University of Queensland School of Medicine Men’s Health Teaching Associate Program 

This pioneering program is an Australian first in which a team of men, led by a core group of experienced Simulated Patients, conduct and teach students safe and effective examination procedures