Fashion Events

Fashion Event at RQAS Biennial

The Petrie Terrace Gallery is gearing up to become a classroom for fashion lessons during the RQAS Biennial.

On 22 September the Royal Queensland Art Society will open its Petrie Terrace Gallery doors for a fabulous night of art, fashion, bubbles and nibbles. In what could best be described as an educational fashion event Sacha Drake stylists Jody and Brenda will show how any woman can fine-tune her wardrobe in order to look and feel her very best.

“It’s a night where we incorporate fun with fashion,” Jody says. “We want to inspire the ladies at the event to embrace those changing body-shapes when they happen. And if they are searching for a new style we’ll talk about Sacha Drake’s garments and how to create an image with them. We have two models come out in the same outfit – Brenda and I each have our own sense of style and so I’ll style my model my way and Brenda will style the other model her way and so we present two completely different looks.”

A Night of Sacha Drake Fashion will include a look at Sacha Drake’s upcoming Spring-season collection of garments.

“We put the music on and have some fun on the runway,” Jody says.

Surrounding the Petrie Terrace Gallery runway will be the Queensland Figurative, an exhibition of paintings and drawings interpreting the human form; artworks that capture the beauty, meaningfulness and aesthetic qualities of a real-life subject.

“We are delighted to partner the Queensland Figurative 2016 Art Exhibition with leading Brisbane fashion designer Sacha Drake for this premium RQAS Biennial event,” says RQAS Brisbane president John Dunne. “There’ll be an atmosphere of conviviality. A Night of Sacha Drake Fashion promises to be the fashion and art event of the year – one not to be missed.”