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Create A Website That Represents The Real You… If I Can Do It, So Can You!

After an endless nightmare of dragging and dropping videos, buttons and contact forms, a Sydney Theme WordPress tutorial helped me finally create the website I’ve always wanted.   Over recent months I’ve had a fair bit of practice building websites. Well… one website actually, my personal brand website… the one that’s about me. Now if […]

Welcome to Chris’s new website…

Musical theatre, opera, pop, easy listening, hard rock, heavy metal… Chris sings it all! Chris is also a highly proficient media and arts industry worker and creative writer who pens stage plays and scripts for educational workshops. He has learned from more than a decade of entertainment, arts, business and travel writing that you have […]

Queensland Figurative 2016

What is figurative art? Artworks that adeptly capture the beauty, meaningfulness and aesthetic qualities of real-life subjects exemplifies the passion of keen figurative artists. The finest examples reveal the artist’s skilful use of line, colour, texture and light to provide the observer something of a narrative of the subject’s time, place and state of mind. […]

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